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Rewind for 10/7/15



John Tyler High School

Class of 1969


There is information on the message page about the JT class of1970 45 year reunion. They are going all out big time and have extended an invetation to all the JT 1969 bunch. 


Just a reminder;  even tough we are not able to add any pictures to any of the pages, You can add pictures to your profile and leave a message so we can enjoy them with you. 




Beware Senior humor

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Anna R Baker  10/9
Betty Bigham (Thomas)  10/11
Donald E. Ozment  10/17
Anita Smith (Jacobe)  10/22
Derwin E. Stegall  10/23
Harley J. Knull  10/24
Donna Adams (Thurman)  10/25
Royce A. Sides  10/25