1967 / 1968


What! no Burger King coupons? 





 Boy did that turn sour.












Another Peggy!!!  and Chistina!!!! 






 The caption on this picture really belongs a few pictures down.... that caption belongs here.   Hey!! make up your mind.


Late night, good drugs, or simply   BORING!!    your call! 




oooh do I want to put a caption here.....  but,  I still fear Marsha.  OK she would not hit an old dying guy .. right? So,,, what I wnated to say was......   What is that noise at the door?  


Kathy Sheats? I donot think that is Kathy???  Gay, Judy,Cheryl and PEGGY.  Peggy U.)


This Caption belongs up there....  where I was before.... I forget how many pictures up....





  :(  miss u



The soada shop just has GLENN screaming as a title. .