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Karen Bennett

Karen Bennett

From Karen's daughter.  4/20/09

My name is Shannon Untersee...I am the daughter of the late Karen Bennett. My aunt is Debbie Gray Blalock. She told me about the site and the nice things that were written about my mother. I was very young...6 years old... when she passed and I have only a few memories of her that were not in the hospital or of her sick in bed.

I remember that she was sick for a long time before she died. I think I was around 3 when she became ill. I am 35 now and I wanted to let her classmates know that I really appreciate and am deeply moved by the fond memories you all have of her. I want to thank all her classmates as they have given me some borrowed memories to cherish along with my own.

Thanks, Shannon

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12/08/08 02:48 PM #4    

George N. McGuire

This is one of those times you hate to find out that a great and beautiul classmate like Karen is gone, only in body not our memories those will live on.

01/01/09 09:06 PM #5    

Butch Wills

Karen was truly a beautiful person, both in looks and in the heart. I knew her for all twelve years of school. I remember how smart she was. I don't think she ever made a "B". I rarely did, the problem was I made mostly "C" and she was always making "A". I also remember how sweet and nice she was to me in grade school. A classic example of the good dying young!

03/01/09 04:33 PM #6    

Audie Adams



05/23/09 11:47 PM #7    

Jim Appleby

This is for Shannon ...
Just wanted to say "hi" from someone who was always in love with your mother, as were probably most of the guys in school. As I mentioned before, Karen was one of my first friends that I can remember as we lived across the street from each other as "toddlers." And even after we moved away my parents would still go over and visit, often staying late into the night with my dad and Mr. Bennett "tinkering" out in the garage, which was always filled with mechanical stuff. I remember Karen's brother, Neal, letting me drive a go-cart he made himself (at least that's what he told me). It was powered by two chainsaw motors, one on each wheel. To this day I don't know how he did that. Maybe I rememeber it incorrectly. After all, I'm a senior citizen now and have CRS. You'll have to ask him about that and tell me if I just dreamed all that stuff.
Your mother was absolutely the most kind-hearted person I knew, who spoke well of people and always had a smile. A very, very pretty woman and extremely smart, which, of course was very intimidating to some of us. But she never acted "better" than anyone else. In fact, she was usually the one you felt you could turn to for help and encouragement. She lead and inspired by example rather than words ... by the way she treated people, everyone, regardless of their "status." I never saw Karen as "clickish," like so many of us in high school seemed to be, and would take the time to say hi and speak to me in the hallways and band / drill team practices. It's funny sometimes what we can remember from so long ago, especially when they're fond memories.
Anyway, just wanted to share a little of what I knew about your mother. It must have been so difficult for you as a young girl growing up without your mother. But rest assured your mother was one in a million ... and something tells me you are, too. And I'm sure she's always been right there with you, and always will be, every step of the way. All the best to you. Jim

07/17/09 04:28 AM #8    

Christina J. Faulkner (Cromwell)

Dear Shannon, Your mother was one of the most precious persons who have walked this earth. She was sweet, beautiful, smart and truly a loving soul. I still think about her from time to time and have wondered about the family she left behind. You have been and still are in my prayers. Tina Faulkner Cromwell

09/16/09 10:32 AM #9    

Patti Wade (Mortis)

Dear Shannon,
I was just re-reading some of the posts and saw that you had visited the website. I want to tell you some of my favorite memories of Karen. Like I said, we went to school together from 1st grade on and were always friends. We were "Bluebirds" together in elementary school and your grandmother, Mrs. Bennett, was our den leader. In those days everyone walked everywhere and a whole group of us would walk to Karen's house for our meetings. I still remember our song: Bluebirds, come out and play with me.... Then in Jr. Hi we were majorettes together and spent countless hours in our back yards making up our routines and practicing them. So much fun, especially the pep rallies and games and parades! Back in Roberts Jr. Hi sometimes best friends had matching outfits. I know it sounds dumb now, but it was cool then. I particularly remember a wool coral sweater and pleated skirt that we bought that matched. We would coordinate it together so we'd wear them on the same days. Karen even went on a couple of vacations with my family. I remember one in particular where we were sunbathing by the pool and fell asleep. When we woke up, even our eyelids were blistered! Another time when Karen got her first contacts we somehow got the idea that I would try them on. Contacts were a new phenomenon back then. I didn't wear glasses, but that didn't stop me from putting that hard piece of glass in my eye. Only problem was, I could'nt get it out! Never thought about it not fitting my eye. Donna and Karen worked on me for quite a while -- using their fingernails to finally pop it out! We also went to the lake sometimes and had fun learning to ski. Karen's dad was so patient with me behind their boat when I first tried to water ski. In high school we were in band together and she was a wonderful majorette and drum major there. We had some great times on band trips. Karen was such a sweet person... to everyone. I don't think there was anyone who didn't love her. After high school and she had gotten married, I didn't see her very often. Our lives had taken different paths. She was such a brilliant girl, and I couldn't believe she wasn't going to college. She was one of the smartest people I had ever known. But she loved your dad then and she loved you and your sister so much. You were her life. I still miss her and all the great memories I have of her. As someone else has said, only the good die young. I hope some of these silly stories will help to give you a glimpse of the person she was. I'll remember her always.

11/14/17 12:21 PM #10    

Jensy L. McDonald (Gregory)

Hi Shannon, 

​   This is Jensy McDonald Gregory.  I knew and loved your mom so dearly.  I first met her in the seventh grade at Roberts Junior High School and we graduated from John Tyler in the Class of 1969.  Your mom was beautiful inside and, funny, talented, kind and giving to all.  I was working as a Nurse's Aide at Medical Center Hospital during one of your mom's last visits.  It was evident that she was suffering a lot, but she continued to show strength and courage, even at the end.  

​     Thank you for posting about your mom on this site.  I loved her so much and still miss her.  Jens

11/15/17 10:45 AM #11    

Douglas A. Rosaschi (Rosaschi)

I'm Doug Rosaschi.I was in the band as a drummer.Karen was our drum major.She was so beautiful and so kind.She never talked down to you.She always respected your opinion.But she would let you know real quick that she was in charge.i remember the day she got ingaged to Ronnie Gray.She was so excited.She was well respcted.Only the good die young

11/15/17 12:08 PM #12    

Patti Wade (Mortis)

To Shannon,  since a couple of other folks have posted recently I wanted to add something to my comments from before.   Your mom is not forgotten!!   Not by me and not by so many people!    She died way too young, but her life was meaningful to so many of us.   I wish you had gotten to know her better!    One final thing:   There has not been one single January 12th that has passed since probably when we were in Jr. Hi that I don't think of Karen on her birthday!   Just wanted you to know that!


11/15/17 01:00 PM #13    

Kathy Beaty (Portwood)

Shannon - I have to "Amen" to all that has been said about Karen.  She was so beautiful both inside and out and was so so smart.  I think of her on January 12 as well - and when I  think of her back in the junior high days, she was almost always with Patti Wade (Mortis).  They were best friends for as long as I can remember.  Glad people are remembering her.  She was one of a kind.      

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