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William Alan Dent

William Alan Dent

There are some pictures of Alan and his family provided by his son

We received this from Alan's son:

My name is Samuel Alan Dent. Proud descendent of William Alan Dent. My sister stumbled upon this and it's heaven sent to a 29 year old man without his dad. My dad use to tell stories of his high school years. I knew some were true, others I did question. It's wonderful to see his old classmates write funny things about him cause that was my dad. Unfortunately, God took him early and I try not to remember how he died but how he lived.

I am second class petty officer in the navy following his footsteps. If you could please post this, I would love to know more of my dad before he was dad. Thank you so much for honoring his name, it means everything. God Bless...

BTW...he used to love CCR and Summer of 69 was his favorite song.....God Bless


And from his step daughter:

My name is Melissa…I am the step-daughter of the late William Alan Dent. I stumbled across this site one afternoon and was glad to see the nice things that Alan’s classmates had written about him. I have forwarded it on to his son and daughter so they can see what wonderful things had been said and I know that they will deeply appreciate them. If any of you have pictures that you could maybe share with them I know that they would love to see them, as they have very few pictures to remember him by. They can be emailed to






Sam (son) and Chesney (Caltlin's daughter)


Caltlin (daughter)  with Sam's baby Lydia

Melissa and Sam

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09/19/08 11:37 PM #1    

Thomas A. Thompson

Alan was truely one of a kind. A true friend he loved his SS 396. I'm glad I wasn't paying for those rear tires! I miss him. I last saw him 20 years ago I guess, I was delivering some laboratory results to his back doctor. He was having terrible trouble with pain in his back.

11/19/08 04:06 PM #2    

Glenn H. Sparkman

Alan was a very friendly guy and a nutcase. I'm sorry to hear he is gone.

01/02/09 08:32 PM #3    

Butch Wills

I remember Alan fondly. I did not see him much after graduation. I remember sitting out in the John Tyler parking lot, in his car, before school, in early 1968 while he let me listen to an "8 track tape" of a new group called, Credence Clearwater Revivial. I remember thinking, boy they won't make it. Shows you what I knew? DUH!

Alan was a good guy.

05/17/09 10:18 AM #4    

Joyce D. Stroud

Hi Joyce Stroud in Tyler I remember Alan at Hogg Jr. High and at John Tyler. Alan was always smiling,laughing and joking around. He was a lot of fun. We remember him fondly . Good luck to you and your family. joyce

05/17/09 10:58 AM #5    

Marsha Hudson (McCoy)

I am Marsha (Hudson) McCoy, my high school friend, Marsha McWilliams dated Alan in HS-so, we all hung out together. Alan was like a brother to me. He was there when I needed a shoulder to cry on and I was there when he had "girl" problems.
Your dad was a fun-loving kind of guy-the kind of person you liked to hang out with. He always had a joke or just something funny to say. He kept me laughing!
I did not see him after HS much and lost track of him. I was truly saddened when I learned from my mother in Tyler that he had passed away.
I agree with the others that have shared before me...he was a "one of a kind guy"
Blessing to you all and have peace in knowing he was beloved by so many. Respectfully, Marsha McCoy

06/03/09 10:44 PM #6    

William Harold Martin

Hi I am Harold martin a classmate of Alan's. The one thing I remember about him is that he had a great time, was liked by all and seemed to squeeze all the "good" out of life. I know he has passed on his zest for life to you guys. Its best to remember the good stuff about my friend Alan Dent. Thank you all for responding.

10/05/09 11:36 AM #7    

Jody Byerly

I am Jody Byerly a friend and classmate of your dad. I never knew him not be laughing about something or someone. He and I were drag racing buds,meaning at every red light we met we had to race to the next one. It was always Chevy verses Olds, I was never sure as to who was the winner, if there ever was one. During one summer I pick up this early Corvett, Alan and bunch of guys loaded up. Here we go down Broadway, must have been 6-7 in the car. Some cop pulls us over and is giving us the what for because there are so many people in the car, I look up and Alan has slipped out and is walking down the street like he was never with us. You could see him grinning from ear to ear.
Several years ago I was at a car show and there was a SS 396, Yellow , Black interior , Red wall tires. My wife ask, didnt you have a friend that had a car like , that?
Yes, I replied his name was Alan.

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