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Steve Murry

Steve Murry


It is believed that Steve was a victim of domestic violence in 1980's

Read the comments by classmates.

Until we get an official date we will just place him as 1980.

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12/04/08 08:39 PM #2    

Gary Fout

Steve introduced many of us to poker. Who can forget Friday night at Murrys playing cards when we were assaulted by the Cosa Nostra?

01/01/09 04:47 AM #3    

Katie I. Stegall (Farr)

I went to school with Steve from the first grade at Pine Springs through senior year at John Tyler. In our 4th grade group picture (the entire class) I'm wearing his ring. He and I went to the 9th grade prom together. We went different directions in high school, but would always smile at each other. I talked to him at the 10 year hs reunion (the only one I've attended) and he was so nice.

I believe he died in the early 80's. What I heard was that he was at his grandmother's house in Houston at the supper table and got into an argument with his brother (step brother???). Steve left the table and went out on the front porch. His brother left the table, went and got a gun, and went out on the porch and shot Steve.

I've always wondered if this was true...does anyone know?

I will always remember Steve with fondness and I wish I could see him again.

01/01/09 09:16 PM #4    

Butch Wills

Steve was the first guy I ever knew who was really cool. He just had that air of coolness. He also loved Dean Martin and did not appologize to anyone for it. In an era of Rock and Roll he loved to hear Dean croon. It was so sad to hear about how he died. I know his brother shot him, but do not know the details.

08/16/09 09:02 PM #5    

Mike Burleson

Steve was a dear friend. He and I were avid fans of Dean Martin and tried to imitate Dino when we sang. Steve was a badass, unafraid to express his fellings. That is likely why his life ended too early. Steve, Gary Fout, Mike McPherson and I did some things that would have given us some serious detention if we had got caught. Great memories, but will never tell. Sad thing is, I know Steve's family, all mourn his passing.

05/04/19 01:52 AM #6    

Terry Castle

Guess It's a little crazy for my posting about Steve's death so many years later, but here it goes.....

Steve and I quickly became friends during our freshman year at J.T.  We both had a fondness for booze, fast cars and faster women !!  I still vividly remember Andy Looney, Steve and yours truly sneaking into his grandpa's tornado cellar under his house on the state park highway just outside loop 323. His grandpa had cases and cases of 1/2 pints of apricot brandy hidden there from his grandma ! Needless to say,we alleviated him of most of his stock after a couple of years - even though that stuff was the most awful tasting crap I've ever drank in my life.

Bruce Morriss, Steve and myself also made a little vacation trip to Galveston our sophomore summer when we had barely turned 15. I'll never forget this trip if I lived to be a thousand years old. We picked up 3 older black guys at the city ballpark and went to the liquor store so they could buy our beer for us. We bought them a case of Schlitz malt liquor and 3 cases of Budweiser for ourselves! After getting drunk and plenty sun burned the next day, we decided to go to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for reasons other than drinking - - but managed to do a hell of a lot of that ALSO !  I still just don't understand how we ran out of money$$ so quickly ?! Ha Ha - but we decided we better return to Galveston. As we were driving through the desert we stopped at a gas station where Steve and I argued about what to spend my last nickle on - gasoline or a Coke. After we got into one hell of a fist fight in front of the gas pumps I walked over to the Coke machine and bought my nickle Coke. I did however share it with him and Bruce both as it was a very hot summer night - believe me it was! Bruce drove us back to Stewart beach and we went to bed in his popup camper, The car wouldn't even crank the next morning because it was out of gas as we had coasted in on fumes !!! After Steve and I walked 32 blocks to Western Union office to pick up $50 my dad wired us, Steve started walking back towards the beach. I hollered at him to come back as I had called a taxi !!! Didn't think he would ever live that one down. Miss You Dearly Brother ! Hopefully we can share another COLD nickle Coke again one day for sure nad reminice old times !!

05/04/19 12:37 PM #7    

Thomas A. Thompson

Good read!  Thanks Terry!  I hope you have a very happy birthday!

05/05/19 07:08 AM #8    

Gary Fout

Happy birthday Terry and thanks for reminding me of your Galveston-Mexico trip. LMAO. We should gather these old stories and write our East Texas version of American Pie.

05/06/19 06:14 PM #9    

Ann Vittitow (Hobson)

Gary Fout, should we include the story of stealing watermelons and you getting mad at me and busting one over my head in Fun Forest Park. It really was funny and what a memory. Hope to see you at the 50th!!!!😜

05/07/19 06:29 AM #10    

Gary Fout

Ann, if only we could turn back the hands of time.  I would have taken that smash in the face without losing my temper as you were just being playful. Overall it was a fun evening, even if we did get shot at.  Certainly better than getting stuck on the Lake Tyler Dam and calling your dad at 1am to see if you'd made it home. 😥  Fun times!

05/08/19 12:53 PM #11    

Ann Vittitow (Hobson)

Yep Gary we did have some fun times!!! Thank God there were no cell phones back then cause my Daddy would have been tracking me like a hound. Great memories, hope to see you at the reunion!!!! Hugs!

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