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Steve Murry

Steve Murry


It is believed that Steve was a victim of domestic violence in 1980's

Read the comments by classmates.

Until we get an official date we will just place him as 1980.

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10/16/08 11:44 AM #1    

Toni J. Raley (Beasley)

Steve was the cutest little guy when he was in the first grade. He attended Pine Springs Elementary and I was one of his girlfriends. He was a star that shone brightly.

12/04/08 08:39 PM #2    

Gary Fout

Steve introduced many of us to poker. Who can forget Friday night at Murrys playing cards when we were assaulted by the Cosa Nostra?

01/01/09 04:47 AM #3    

Katie I. Stegall (Farr)

I went to school with Steve from the first grade at Pine Springs through senior year at John Tyler. In our 4th grade group picture (the entire class) I'm wearing his ring. He and I went to the 9th grade prom together. We went different directions in high school, but would always smile at each other. I talked to him at the 10 year hs reunion (the only one I've attended) and he was so nice.

I believe he died in the early 80's. What I heard was that he was at his grandmother's house in Houston at the supper table and got into an argument with his brother (step brother???). Steve left the table and went out on the front porch. His brother left the table, went and got a gun, and went out on the porch and shot Steve.

I've always wondered if this was true...does anyone know?

I will always remember Steve with fondness and I wish I could see him again.

01/01/09 09:16 PM #4    

Butch Wills

Steve was the first guy I ever knew who was really cool. He just had that air of coolness. He also loved Dean Martin and did not appologize to anyone for it. In an era of Rock and Roll he loved to hear Dean croon. It was so sad to hear about how he died. I know his brother shot him, but do not know the details.

08/16/09 09:02 PM #5    

Mike Burleson

Steve was a dear friend. He and I were avid fans of Dean Martin and tried to imitate Dino when we sang. Steve was a badass, unafraid to express his fellings. That is likely why his life ended too early. Steve, Gary Fout, Mike McPherson and I did some things that would have given us some serious detention if we had got caught. Great memories, but will never tell. Sad thing is, I know Steve's family, all mourn his passing.

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